Human Body Theater Valentines

I started these back in 2016, soon after Human Body Theater came out. Better late then never, right? So here they are: Human Body Theater Valentine's Day cards. Please feel free to print them out and use them as Valentines! And if you're hungry for more, check out my book Human Body Theater!




2018 Hourlies

I skipped out on last year's hourlies because I was flying back from New Zealand (and figured people wouldn't be interested in 16 hours worth of me on a plane). I did fit them in this year though! Here they are, in their full-day glory: 



I decided that my morning warm-up drawings should be rocks:

There's a reason, but I'll be posting about that on Friday!

2016 Hourly Comics

Every February 1 is Hourly Comics Day: you draw a comic for every hour that you are awake.  People all over the world participate.  For me, it's a great exercise in drawing; I get to work fast and loose and in pencil (my favorite!).  It's also an exercise in editing...what do you put in your comics?  Personally, I find that there is a difference between comics that I make for myself, and comics that I make for an audience/put on the internet.  This is purely my preference; I see my work as "work", and err on the side of caution when it comes to sharing personal stories.  I have great admiration for people who share much more of their lives through their work.  Here are my 2016 hourly comics, in order.  Enjoy!