Microbial Life Lecture

One of the best things about living in the Boston area is being close to lots of stuff. Especially science-y stuff. Between all the universities and museums, there are loads of public lectures! It's an all-you-can-eat buffet...FOR MY BRAIN. A few weeks back, I went to a lecture on Microbial Life at the Harvard Museum of Natural History; it kicked off the opening of their newest exhibit (conveniently of the same name). The lecture was given by Roberto Kolter and Scott Chimileski. Here are my notes (in cartoon-form, of course):


I only draw during the lecture, so this was about an hour of drawing (minus the time I spent ooo-ing and ah-ing over cheese mites and tardigrades. How had I never heard of cheese mites before? I love both cheese and microscopic organisms; I have no idea why these little critters stayed off my radar for so long. They are the best. Okay, cheese mite tangent: over.)

Interested in lectures around the Boston area? This is a pretty good list.